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Vintage Dude Customizable AGE & COLOR- 2", 3", 6", 8", Round


With our Vintage Dude Customizable Edible Cake Topper, you have your choice of color to choose from, Red, Green, or Blue. You will also be able to give us any number to swap the 50 for. We also offer Edible Cake Side Strips to match! There is an option below to add the strips of your color choice to your order!


  • 8” Round Cake Toppers – 7.5” diameter circle, fits 8” round cakes
  • 6” Round Cake Toppers – 5.5” diameter circle, fits 6” round cakes
  • 3” Round Cake Toppers – 3” diameter circles, 6 toppers per sheet, fits 4” round cakes and large frosted cookies
  • 2” Round Cake Toppers – 2” diameter circles, 12 toppers per sheet, fits cupcakes and frosted cookies
  • Cake Strips – 2.5x10.5” strips, 3 strips per sheet, for decorating the sides of your cake.

          o            6” Round- 1 Set of Cake Strips

          o            8” Round- 1 Set of Cake Strips

          o            ¼ Sheet- 2 Sets of Cake Strips


If you're looking for a quick and unique way to add some fun to your event, then edible cake toppers are perfect! Use them on cakes, cupcakes, frosted cookies or brownies! Made in the USA, our toppers are created to order and are gluten free, soy free, trans-fat free, peanut and tree nut free, and contain no known allergens. Step-by-step instructions are available on our website, making it easy to get started. So don't wait, order your cake toppers today! They’re great for:


•          Birthdays

•          Retirement parties

•          Graduations

•          Gender reveal parties

•          Showers

•          New Year's Eve parties

•          Halloween events

•          Christmas cookie trays

•          The possibilities are endless!

Vintage Dude Customizable AGE & COLOR- 2", 3", 6", 8", Round

SKU: 12VintageDudeRound
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