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Are your edible toppers allergen-free?

A: Yes, the toppers are gluten-free, peanut-free, and allergen-free. However, our printing facilities are not 100% allergen-free, so there is a small chance of your topper coming into brief contact with any of the above allergens.


Do you use artificial dyes in your cake toppers?

A: Yes, our edible inks are made with artificial dyes. They are all approved for use in the United States by the FDA.


Why did my image not print the right color?

A: We understand how important it is to you to have a topper that looks just the way you want it, and we do our best to get it as close as possible to the digital image that you send. Sometimes, the printers have trouble matching a specific color using our edible inks (yellow is a very challenging color to get right with edible inks). If you have any questions or concerns about an image you are wanting to have printed, or if you have received your order and are unhappy with the colors, please reach out so that we can assist you.


Why does my topper look so blurry?

A: If your topper arrives and it looks pixelated or blurry, you may have sent us an image that is too small or too low-res for us to print it clearly. The photo might look nice on your phone, but when it’s enlarged to fit on a cake topper a lot of the detail is going to be lost. If you are unsure if we can print your image, please reach out! You can also check out this article about how to create your own unique topper.


Do you sell digital downloads of your artwork?

A: We are currently working on getting some of our designs ready to be sold as digital assets, but much of our artwork will only be available on physical items. If there is an image that you would like to use on one of your own projects, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


Why does expedited shipping take so long?

A: We are located in a rural area, so sometimes even overnight shipping can take two days. We offer expedited shipping because we understand that sometimes you need to order something last-minute, but we highly recommend that you order in plenty of time for your event.

Help! I’m having trouble with my topper application!

A: If you have read the included instructions (you can also find them here if you’ve lost your copy) and are still having trouble, contact us and we will do our best to help you.


How do I store my topper before I put it on my cake?

A: Storing your topper is a piece of cake! (Sorry, couldn’t resist) Once you’ve opened the outer package and checked to make sure your topper arrived in good condition, just slip the unopened topper back into the cardboard sleeve and store it flat in a cool, dry place for up to a year. Do NOT store your topper in the fridge or freezer, the humidity will cause the colors to run, and the temperature will make the topper brittle.


Can I place the topper on colored frosting?

A: We recommend only placing your topper on white or very light-colored frosting. As the topper sits, the color from the frosting could discolor the topper.


Have a question that wasn’t covered here? Let us know! We are here to help!

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