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Laserable Leatherette Engraving & Application

Recommended Laser Raster Settings for Metallic Underlays (Silver, Gold):

35 watt DPI 400 Speed 70% Power 40% 60 watt DPI 400 Speed 85% Power 45% 80 watt TROTEC PPI 500 Speed 70% Power 40%

Recommended Laser Raster Settings for Black Underlays:

35 watt DPI 600 Speed 90% Power 35% 60 watt DPI 600 Speed 100% Power 30% 80 watt TROTEC PPI 600 Speed 90% Power 74%

Note: The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results. Settings will vary depending on the brand, wattage and model of your laser engraver.

Engraving Tips for Best Results:

1. Focus right on the leatherette 2. Cleaning should not be necessary with leatherette products. However if it is use a small amount of mild degreaser (we use LA's Totally Awesome) on a microfiber towel. 3. Confirm the position of your artwork by testing on a separate piece of leatherette or tape a clear piece of plastic onto the item. 4. Vector cut mask or plastic for placement guides

Recommended Laser Vector Cutting Settings for all Leatherette Colors and Underlays:

35 watt: Speed 20% Power 35% 50Hz 60 watt: Speed 25% Power 25% 100Hz 120 watt: Speed 85% Power 35% 2000Hz 80 watt(Trotec): Speed 65% Power 40% 2000 PPI

Recommendations for Using Heat Transfer Material to Personalize all Leatherette Colors and Underlays:

We highly recommend using a PVC-free or laser-safe heat transfer material. Siser has an extensive selection of laser-safe HTV. Leatherette is heat-sensitive, so you will want to keep your heat press below 280 degrees Fahrenheit and add 5-10 seconds to the press time. Follow the instructions for your particular HTV for hot/cold peeling. Make sure that you protect your heat press with a cover sheet or parchment!

Recommended Heat Settings to Apply Leatherette using the Adhesive Backing:

Temperature: 270 degrees Pressure: medium Time: 10-12 seconds

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